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Trademark Registration

Register your intellectual property rights

When starting a business, protect your intellectual property rights by applying for a trademark registration to obtain legal protection for your brand and logo.

Trademark Protection

Protect your trademark from infringement

If your trademark is registered, it is protected from infringement of exclusive intellectual property rights, which gives the right to prohibit others from using your mark.

Trademark Search

Make sure your trademark is unique

When applying for a trademark, make sure your trademark is not registered in a third party name.

Trademark Licensing

Profit from your registered trademark

Once your trademark is registered, enjoy earning a profit while securely granting third party rights to



European UnionBrand registration
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LatviaBrand registration
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The tariff includes:
  • Express check of a mark for the absence of identical registrations
  • Selection of Classes of goods and services for registration
  • Registration and filing of an application with the Patent Office
  • Obtaining a Certificate of Registration
200€ + VAT
+ official fees (from 850€)
200€ + VAT
+ official fees (from 176€)
The tariff includes "Eco" + additionally:
  • Full search related to the designation to reveal possible conflicts
  • Recommendations for amending the mark
  • Repeated search for the amended mark
  • Preparation and submission of a motivated Response to examination requests at examination of the application
250€ + VAT
+ official fees (from 850€)
250€ + VAT
+ official fees (from 176€)
The tariff includes "Standard" + additionally:
  • Informing of the status of the application at all stages of examination
  • Additional consultations at any stage of examination
  • Refund of the service fees in case of registration refusal
  • Consultation on the advisability of contesting a Refusal Decision
400€ + VAT
+ official fees (from 850€)
400€ + VAT
+ official fees (from 176€)


Trademark Attorney

«Entrust your brand registration to the experienced Trademark Attorney and get your business protected from the unfair competitors!»
  • European Trademark Attorneys
  • Latvian Trademark Attorneys
Additional Qualification:
  • World Intellectual Property Organization
    (WIPO Academy’s graduated IP Specialists)
  • Intellectual Property Licensing
  • Association of Latvian Patent Attorneys
  • International Trademark Association


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